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"TEA is Dew of Heaven" -Lu-Yu (the Chinese Sage of Tea) said in the Year of 780 A.D.

Found in Modern Science: Tea is Rich of Natural Antioxidants, Catechin, Polyphenols and Selenium (Se).

Chinese Tea Blocks, Tea Recipes, Wild Green Tea, Black Cake, Diet & Herbal Teas

A Chinese King -Tang Xuan Zong in Tang Dynasty (618 - 907 A.D.) asked a 130 years old monk: How could you live so long? Did you take any medicine for that? The monk answered: Just drank tea daily, no thing else.

Are you Looking for high quality AND clean green tea or worry about caffeine in tea? We can show you how to make good tea, maximize the health benefits AND minimize the effects of caffeine!

Introduce the Real Black Tea -Pu-Erh Tea: Are you drinking coffee daily? One suggestion for your health: Drink less coffee and try our "Tea Coffee" -Pu'er Tea or Real Black Tea which have similar color, good taste and you may add milk or sugar in it, just like coffee. You may even use your coffee maker to make tea, just like the way you make coffee. You may use half coffee and half Pu'er (or black) tea to make Yuan-Yang (Coffee-Tea) --a special Chinese drink in many Hong Kong Tea Houses.

Welcome to internet source for Loose Tea Blocks! It may change your whole life of drinking. Know more about green, white, woolong, black, pu'er and jasmine teas, about health benefits of teas. Teas are rich of Antioxidants -the main De-poison agent for body cells: tea is equal to or better than Red Wine without any alcohol! Tea may take place of your coffee --you take less caffeine and much more antioxidants!

Here is our best solution for you: As clean as regular teabags, as beneficial as loose teas. We introduce this new kid of Chinese tea from Yunnan, the Chinese high land -Loose Tea Blocks of green, black, pu'er and jasmine tea, single wrapped and sealed in a teabag. Click for more information about Chinese Loose Tea Blocks.

A special tea for China Kunming Expo International with Chinese government "Safety & Green Food" Seal.

Chinese Yunnan Tea Blocks -Special China Kunming Expo "Tea Candy"

Loose Green Tea Loose Jasmine Tea Loose Black Tea Loose Pu'er Tea
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Introduce powerful Wild Ginseng: Did you try wild ginseng before? Do you know the differences between wild and cultured ginseng? The Wild Ginseng may live several hundred years while the Cultured Ginseng in a farm can not live longer than 5-6 years. Naturally undisturbed grown in the forest, the Wild Ginseng contains all the ginsenosides (the effective contents of ginseng) which some of them won't develop until the plant is over 6-7 years old (the cultured age).

Introduce Ku-Ding Wild Green Tea: One of the most alkaline tea with lest caffeine and more Selenium (Se), Ku-Ding contains more antioxidants and almost non caffeine (99% less than regular tea).

Introduce Chinese Herbal Diet Tea --Bojenmi White Diet Tea.

Introduce tasty and healthy 4-in-1 Chinese Milk Pu-Erh & Black Tea Sample Package--Included: 20 teabags of Chinese Yunnan Pu-Erh tea, 10 teabags of 4 very famous black teas in the world (bright Ceylon tea from Sri Lanka, malty Assam and smooth Nilgiri from India, and full-bodied Keemun from China), 2 packs of Instant All Natural Herbal Almond Powder: 30 grams per pack and 10 packs of Monk Fruit in the Raw 100% Natural zero calorie Sweetener. --Best for traveling or office!

It may double the health benefits to know what kind of tea you should drink and how to make tea. Different Tea may have Different Benefits (according to the modern study and Traditional Chinese Medicine): Click for Differences Among green, black, pu'er, woolong, white, jasmine teas.

More and more research and studies on teas have been done in the US and all over the world. Almost all are positive and safe! Although some research results about tea health benefits are new and need further study to verify, its most Positive Health Benefits are great enough for you to make a healthy decision for tea-drink over any other daily drink.

And it is safe! People all over the world drink green, black, white, pu'er (pu-erh), woolong (oolong) and jasmine tea for several thousand years already! Drinking tea may change your whole life toward greater health and longevity!

You will find useful knowledge for each kind of loose teas: green, black, pu-er, oolong (woolong), flower (jasmine), white and herbal tea throughout our web pages.

  • All research and studies done so far are based on brewed drinking of Loose Tea (green, white, black, pu'er and woolong tea). It's likely that instant powdered, bottled, decaffeinated, herbal teas (if no adding regular loose tea), regular teabags, tea extracts or tea pills have fewer or non of the antioxidant properties of loose teas.
  • Loose teas are better than teabags, why? Please note that: Loose teas use the whole leaf while the teabags usually use the cut, ground or "dust" leaf. This makes regular teabags produce fewer Antioxidants and more Caffeine than loose teas. Another important factor which you may consider is bleach residue, a chemical, which remains on the teabags.
  • Loose Tea Blocks (single wrapped and sealed clean loose tea for each drink, so-called "Tea Candy") are better than regular loose teas and teabags, why? Please note that: Most loose teas are not very clean when packaged and shipped in bulk. It's customary to rinse loose tea first before making tea to drink. However, because of this, it's not convenient to use loose tea all the time or while traveling.
  • Selecting clean tea is important for your health, why? Tea is Not like other fresh foods, you BREW but not COOK tea. You would take more caffeine and less Antioxidants if you cook tea too long. Our Loose Tea Blocks ("Tea Candy") are made from organic tea tree from Yunnan, South-Western Mountains in China.

Click for Question about Caffeine in tea?

Click for question About the PH Value of tea? Is tea alkaline or acidic?

Click for How to Make the Best Tea Drink for Benefits -less caffeine and more antioxidants?

Disclaimer: The health benefits of tea, food or herbs mentioned on our web site is for information only. We do not recommend use of tea, food or herbs as a substitute for medical care which you should ask your medical doctors.
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